My life ~ My Journey

January 26, 2010
by Leony
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Things I wanna do

Things I would like to do

1. Eat delicious foods!
2. Cooking for my husband and takecare of him
3. Drive my very own new car Toyota Vits 
4. Take pictures again! 
5. Wear make up and be chic again
6. Upgrade MBP to Snow Leopard
7. Clean my supper messy room
8. Watch movies with Naoya
9. Walk my dogs with Naoya
10. Go travel with Naoya
11. Visit my mum and bro with Naoya
12. Hanami in Spring with Naoya 
13. Have a Japanese spa day with Nao
14. Make a family video
15. Send holiday cards to friends and family with our pictures in it.

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