My life ~ My Journey

January 9, 2012
by Leony

Rant 2012

It’s been a year since my husband died. Many things changed and I have to say that being a single parent sucks. I hate being lonely. I miss so much. I need someone to talk to about my feelings. I need to vent and rant. I can’t rant on Facebook any longer due from getting negative responses from people about my negative statuses, which is not their damn business anyway.

I hate Facebook now, it died along with my husband. I have No happy status to post on Facebook anymore. Facebook used to be fun before Naoya died. Now all that I can feel now is that I envy all of my friends who are happily married and still complain about how their husband come home late everyday while I on the other hand waiting for nothing everyday. Sometimes I wish this is all just a nightmare and I’d wake up and see him by my side. God I miss so much that it hurts so bad.

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