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August 25, 2013
by Leony
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Summer Vacation is Over

my birthday

my birthday

Risa’s summer vacation is over. Back to school to our regular schedule.
Risa’s first say at school after the along summer vacation was okay. Her teacher said that she talks a lot 🙂
Second day, Risa was a bit cranky and she cried when I dropped her at school. Hopefully she’ll adjust well soon enough.

Anyway, don’t have much going on in my life. Had my birthday a few weeks ago and it was ok. SILs was visiting and she got me a birthday cake. I’m thankful enough to have great SILs. But I didn’t get myself any birthday present since I already have everything so no self-birthday present this year.But maybe I’ll get it when I finally have something I really want LOL.
I can’t believe I am now 34 years old. Time flies so quick! I remember started blogging when I was 23 years old. My first blog was hosted on blogspot.com. Then I moved to Blurty, then moved again to Live Journal and finally decided to host my own blog on angelsheart.net.
A few years later I changed my domain to a new one, it’s called Chocolive.net and stayed for a while. And last on 2007, I moved to another new domain leony.net and here I am at last settled down and trying to keep up with updating my blog which is not easy since I kind of lost interest on blogging after my husband passed away two and half year ago.

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