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I don’t think i’m able to update this blog in few weeks, because i’m going to try the insiminations again in few days. So i wont be able to online fore a week, maybe !

For hostee please go to forums support


Still busy illusions network, working on guestbook , but i feel like want to suggest Birdie the guestbook hacks for Illusion.

I tried to instal the hacks but i feel sick looking at my computer screen, i guess is spent too much time infront of my computer lol. read more



Whoaaa finally Bloominghear new DNS name server has resolved, i’m done moving Bloomingheart to new reseller account.

Now i only need to wait for e Angels-Heart.Net DNS and when it’s resolved i’ll move Angels to new server hahaha.

Rachel and Dhika, please be patient ok 😉

Finally i’ve decided to adopt illusion and give it new domain name and new server.

illusion new domain in My-Illusion.Org

Congrats for illusion LOL.

I’ve been suffering bad headache for 3 days, maybe it’s because i keep my air conditioner 24 hour on. read more

server crash !!

server crash !!

OMYGOSH i can’t believe this, my server crash last night that is why i lost all my enrty on April.

My last backup was only on 16th april, and that is not including the database.

All my database gone, but thankgod i got my nuke database backup few days ago so i still got my ezines up not the board lol.

My server had recover all he rest of my sites except the board, hopefully i can get it back again.

But if i can’t it’s alright, i might change to XMB tho.

Anyway i can’t find the previous post on illusion about closing the board. read more