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I’m on a roll !

I’m on a roll !

I’m feeling really – really great and in the mood right now. But actually i got cold hahaha.

I skip my fasting today because i can’t take it, my stomach has been aching very bad for the couple of days :(.

I really – really want to go out side to take some shoot but i guess maybe i’ll go out with hubby on a weekend 😕

Anyway I got my other shoot on editor pick again yesterday and today, it’s the sun flower photo i took 2 weeks ago near my house.

You can check the sunflower on Sensitivity 😀 read more

Protected: Serious Situations *email me for the password.*

Protected: Serious Situations *email me for the password.*

You know what, my husband just told me that i have to stay at home and becareful not to go out side for awhile.

There’s a dangerous mafia threatning all the public employee, including my husband.

I can’t really explain what’s the problems here in public , i guess you understand that.

So they came to hubby’s office today with their japanese scary sword, samurai and threatning all the people who work there. They said if they don’t get what they wanted, they don’t know what will happen to all of the employee families, including me.

Seemes stupid, but they could that, even if we report them to the police they will get out and revenge. Scary to think but i hope everything wil work out, i hope goverment will help us.

God why everything seemes toughie in my life, since i was born i’ve never really felt that happiness and freedom.

I’m officially back !

I’m officially back !

Alright guys, i’m back now.

i’m sorry i didn’t visit your site for a while. I guess we all get bored with usually stuff we done everyday and i’m one of them now.

But i think i missed my site and you guys. I might won’t update my blog everyday though since i got new project come along, inlcuding rebulding my-illusion to new super fun and useful community with my two best fellow ,Birdie and Jen :D.

News from me not much, i got sick and stayed in a hospitals for few days. read more