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Seasonal skin (43things)

Seasonal skin (43things)

I just realized that I have seasonal skin.

My skin tends to be very dry on winter, and oily on summer, yikes!

On winter I used to wear Hydra Complete

Multi-Level Moisture Creme from Estee Lauder. I didn’t notice that my skin is changing seasonally. I keep using the moisture because I thought I have dry skin type and now its makes my skin so oily and shiny lol.

I had to switch skincare product. For more info about skin care/make up product review visit makeupalley

And by the way, this is a post entry from 43things.com read more



Apple to start Japan iTunes service in Aug-paper

TOKYO (Reuters) – Apple Computer Inc. (Nasdaq:AAPL – news) will launch its iTunes online music service in Japan in August, the Nihon Keizai business daily reported on Tuesday.

Major Japanese record companies, including Columbia Music Entertainment Inc. (6791.T), Avex Group Holdings Inc. (7860.T) and Toshiba-EMI Ltd., have agreed to provide songs for the service, the paper said.

But Sony Corp.’s (6758.T) Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. has yet to agree on contract terms with Apple, it said. The price for downloading a song in Japan is expected to be set at around 150 yen ($1.40). Read more



About a month ago, I called the Indonesian Consulate office in Osaka regarding my passport renewal.

And he said that I can only renew my passport at least sixth to one month before the passport expired. My passport will expire on 7 December, 2005.

So today I made another phone call again because I assumed that, I can renew my passport starting next week (7 June). As the result I received another disappointment. He said that I should call back at least three months before my passport expired, means I have to wait until October.

I cannot wait until October to renew my passport, because I need to apply for my US student visa before the fall classes begin in September!