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I don’t feel very well lately, this inseminations stuff, stupid unmature drama on Illusion.

I need to pour everything now…

I think i made a big mistakes on continuing and purchase domain for Illusions.

Seemes like someone is not being honest with us,.. sigh..

Anyway since i’ve already purchase the domain and it hosted on my server, i guess i just have to deal with my desicions. I love Illusion anyway, even though i didn’t give much contributions and help on running the board except server and domain bill. I’ll keep illusion until we all grow old together lol, that will be hilarious LOL. read more

Preparing new layout for angels

Preparing new layout for angels

I’m preparing new layout for angels, at first i’m going to use all css site.

But i think i got too many html files to edit, i don’t think i can edit all the html files lol.

I’m going to use my recent draw for the header, “Pink Neko” :angel:

Actually, this is not a good timing for changing new layout on angels, because i should take a rest not to sit infront of computer for an hours. I got too many things to do either online life or real life 😆

I need to get some rest now :sleep: read more