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I found it !

I found it !

Wooohoo thanks to Ririe for inform me this from my ym

Finally i found the people who hacked my site, i’m not sure though but i’m sure there one of them on this url bellow

Wanna know how to hack PHPnuke admin ?..

Just go to url above.

Too bad it’s indonesian language ^^.

In my imho they just a bunch of moron, who’s trying to prove that they smart, but they’re not !

If they want to improve their hacking skill, go hack Amazon or Victoria Secret ..dummy ! read more

Not feeling well.

Not feeling well.

I made some small gift for Tya, today is her birthday as you can see on my calendar event.

Ireth av

ireth siggy

Happy Birthday girl, hope you have wonderful birthday this year :D.

Anyway I’ve instaled some hacks on Illusion, smilies moody hacks last night.

Instaling smilies moody hacks was pain in the ass lol, because there’s alot of files i have to add ^bump^

I don’t have much anything to write right now, i think i don’t feel well today v_v

By the way i read some article on news BBC yesterday. read more

New skin Ocha Ken

New skin Ocha Ken

Changed my skin yeay !I’m using Ochaken character.

I tweak my old style become new one ^^.

I love ocha ken, i even collected the ochaken ketai strap :D.

I made the pixel green ocha ken, i’m going to make more ocha ken pixe :D.