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Blog Hiatus

Blog Hiatus

I think i really need to take a break from blogging now.

It’s just so many things i need to do, either offline and online work.

September i’m going to Osaka visit our house and i might stop by at Japan Universal Studios.

By fall, i’m leaving to Hokkaido maybe out of japan, we had a plans to visit Canada Yey !

I need to prepare our ski outfit and stuff :D.

I’d be only update my personal site and my photography sites though.

I don’t know when i’ll be back blogging, but i’ll be back for sure lol. read more

How ya doin !!

How ya doin !!

Howdy friends !

Sorry i didn’ t blogged for few days after my birthday.

Just sort of busy with my photoblogs, updating contents to my site, visit communities i have joined.

I have 3 dailies visit communities right now, My-illusion, Roxydoll and new one, Quilting Bee BBS.

Anyway, my birthday was wonderful, we went out for dinner a, shopping and watched fireworks down town kochi city.

It was beautiful night for me, the fireworks was gorgeus !

I took plenty shot, but only few of them are looking good lol, i need to learn more about night scenes and fireworks shooting i guess. read more

I’m 25 years old today !

I’m 25 years old today !

Hi ya, i just want to leave this message to people i have known for quite long time.

Today is my 25th birthday and i’m having a blast with the family right now !

I would like to thank you to all people who has always been there for me when i’m feeling blue or sad and happy.

And Thank you for wonderful friendship everyone.

DOMO ARIGATOU for all the gifts !


*note : this an automatic post form edit timestamp options on my blog, posted this yesterday*