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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

I don’t know why i’m so friggin lazy to update my sites even my blog 😡

This is years has been extremely hectic for me because there’s alot going on in my life, i got sick almost every month.

Sheesh and now almost new year and i’m still having another bad days lol, my stomach has been acting very badly this year.

I want to apologize for all my dailies friends, i’ve been an awful blogger mate dailies :(.

Me and Yuki finally have a little talk and kind of get along each other, maybe 😐 read more



Blah, i need to revamp my blogs layout 😈

Sorry for disappeared for almost one month bwahahaha 😆

Anyway i was sick and i’m still sick but i feel much better at least better mood than before ;).

Physically , my muscles are hurt and my two hands are wrapped in a bandage like a mummy hands lol ,don’t ask why it’s a long story :p

Hey new year almost here and which means it’s my 4 years wedding anniversary , right on 01-01-2005 !

There’s a lot of things i want to share here but maybe not now, i think i feel sick with my layout lol. read more

Bad news..

Bad news..

The election President of United Stated really gets my intentions since few weeks ago.

I keep watching the news till 3 aclock in the morning lastnight , i’m really curious and excited haha, because i was hopping Kerry will win.

Anyway, i think everything it’s meant to be that way, Lets just hope there will be no war in this earth, it’s enough already seing people dying losing their family and their life. and we’re here just couldn’t do anything to make it change and stop. read more