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FInally take first step

FInally take first step

Phew .., finally I shut down my site I have no time to update AHN anymore.

I’m going to move babble to new domain soon because angels will expire in september. For all my hostees on angels you can stay as long as you want with me but you will have to let me move your site again to new domain soon after AHN expired.

My cold is getting a little bit better , except for the stuffy nose lol. Last nigth I couldn’t sleep after I called my mom and talked on the phone about all my plans. read more

Cold and excitement

Cold and excitement

I’m typing this entry with my stuffy nose and a bit headaches and sneez every menutes and blow my nose every 30 menutes , yuck !

Okay, I know I’m not really in to on blogging almost about one year now, but I do missed writing a blog sometimes though.

I haven’t done anything great for this couple of weeks, except for my flash gallery. It’s almost done and I just need to upload my photos.

My dog, Chantie’s finally giving a birth to her 5 tiny puppies, they’re adorably cute. Soon I have to send them to Pet Shop and sell them because I can not takecare for any more dogs in my house. I took few pictures of the puppies I will upload them to my dotmac photo album soon. read more

New skins and upgraded.

New skins and upgraded.

Finally i’m finshed with the new themes and upgrading wp to new stable version.

I have validated the xhtml and css files too, i hope it’ll stay validated lol.

Anyway i thought i’ m going to get new domain for my blogs since angels will expire this september 2005.

But i think i’ll wait until i get the inspirations for new domain :).

So how is everyone’s holidays ?, mine wasn’t really good one.

Because of the tsunami and earthquake we decided to cancel the trip. Thank god my grand mother is having her vacations in Jakarta now. read more