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Little Notes

Little Notes

I just want to say Happy Birthday to my best friend

Birdie , I’ve sent a gift for you few days ago.

I hope you like the gift and sorry for the delay.

I am sick right now, I could barely move from my bed today.

I spent half day laying in hospital bed and had 3 bottle of fluid infusion.

I don’t want to get sick again, I hope I will get better tomorrow.

I need to prepare my self for the test by the end of this month.

By the way thank you or all the comments

22 days from now

22 days from now

Guys, I need help.

Has anyone here ever done the TOEFL (Test Of English Foreign Language) before ? ,

please let me know if you have any web study references, sample test, books or etc.

I really need it , thank you so much in advance I really appreciate it.




Hehe, I got my period this morning, and the cramps it’s killing me !

Well at first I thought that I might pregnant, but after I thought about it quite many times and it seems like I am not ready yet to be a mother.

Not now, not this time..

But I will be a wonderful mother for my future child someday 😉

Anyway, I going to be busy for a while, I might not be able to update my blog or visit my online community and forums.

I know few of my online friends might be looking for me , so if you need any help just contact me through email or AIM/Ichat ( and by the way I’m no longer using Yahoo anymore sorry guys. read more