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My new life 0

My new life

It’s been 9 years since Naoya passed away and I could never forget him as he is the father of my only daughter Risa. He is the best husband I could ever had. Sometimes I still wonder why did Allah SWT took him from me.

Anyway, my life now has change completely. Risa now is 9 years old and she’s very smart and pretty. She look so much like her father.

She talks a LOT. I love her to pieces, she is what made me who I am now. Raising her has been tough but fun.

She is my person, daughter, best friend, and my soulmate.
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Blogging; yay or nay

Blogging; yay or nay

Don’t know what to do with this site anymore, I wonder do people still do blog or not anymore?
I know that there are loads of social networking online these days, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc but I wonder if there are still people do blogging these days.

No more miscarriage please

No more miscarriage please

It’s been over one hour and I’m still waiting for a doctor appointment today and fertility clinic. Got a feeling that I’m having another miscarriage again. The tiny baby has stopped growing, just like 2 years ago. 

Just don’t understand why God gives hope but then he took it away again. Im not tired of trying  but I’m tired of putting my hope again and again but it never works.

Though the baby might stopped growing since 5 weeks pregnancy but I still feel the pregnancy symptom and I hate it. I don’t want to feel pregnant while I’m losing the baby. 

Just take the baby again and stop this pregnancy symptom please.

It’s been ages

It’s been ages

Wanna take pictures again. But don’t know where to start again. Just lost interest on everything for the last 7 years. I guess grief has taken a great toll on me.

But now that I’m back reside living in my birth country I don’t know where to start. I need a huge motivations to bring back the “old me” again.

I guess things will never be the same again when it’s broken shattered into pieces.
I miss myself, I miss the “old me”. I miss the person I used to be.