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Leony, your makeup should be Classic

Leony, your makeup should be Classic



From Grace Kelly to Penelope Cruz, classic beauties seem to have a knack for knowing what products to use and what features to enhance when it comes to makeup. And you are no exception.

You may try all the newest, most expensive products on the market, or maybe you are committed to tried-and-true staples that you’ve used for years. Either way, you know how to bring out your best with the materials you have. Your clean, polished look says that you are sophisticated, worldly, and always well prepared for life’s curveballs, even if that includes cleaning a clumpy mascara brush or wiping lipstick from your teeth. Elegance, style, and grace, after all, are never out of fashion. read more



Well i was planning to write something..but i’ve changed my mind 😛

Huheuehue..okay..i got this unique survey from my Girls Community

Hahah…well..long list that i type bellow is my currently activities right now 😛

[ x ] Spell your first name backwards – ynoel

[ x ] The story behind my web title- its just a thoughts.

[ x ] Are you a lesbian – Nope

[ x ] Where do you live – Japan

[ x ] 4 words that sum you up – Sweet, fun, loving, lazy.


[ x ] Wallet – Purple, square, Louis Vuitton. read more