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August 28, 2013
by Leony
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Prices hikes

grocery shopping

grocery shopping

Just had grocery shopping at Marunaka and realised that they’ve raised the prices almost for everything.
I can’t believe one Apple cost ¥158 yen. It used to be only ¥99 yen. Three carrot cost me ¥198 yen, and it used to be ¥98-99 yen.
Need to cut down on my expense from now on because I read that the Japanese government planning to raise the consumption tax from 5% to 8% starting next month and 10% starting 2015. I know it’s probably nothing compare to other countries like Brazil and India but still it is going to hit Japan economy quite hard.

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July 26, 2009
by Leony
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Sale purchases

I could never refuse not to buy something on Sale season :(.

I spent another  ¥20000 online shopping yesterday just for clothes. But hey it’s 50-90% OFF!

How can I refuse 50-90% discount? And YES  I love all the outfits I purchased. Well it was one quick browsing because I had to get them fast otherwise I won’t be able to get clothes I wanted.  Japanese girls are fast  when it comes to Sale shopping lol.

Anyway , the package arrived today and I love all of them!

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December 1, 2008
by Leony
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iPhone – Yes or No?


To be honest I didn’t plan to get any new phone at the moment, at least not until next year but because I lost my cellphone and I couldn’t freaking find it I thought maybe I could get a new one but this time changing my long time cellphone provider from NTT Docomo to Softbank and get the new iPhone.

After I played with it again for a few minutes or so at the store today, I felt dissapointed, actually it was kind of big disspointment from iPhone.

There are many features from my cellphone that I loved and iPhone doesn’t have them, including the iPhone camera. 

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