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September 26, 2013
by Leony

Risa’s and her asthma attacks


I slept only for two hours last night. Risa had high fever 39.7 Celsius and the fever finally broke down at 5 AM. I’m a bit sleepy right now but I don’t feel tired at all. Losing weight gave me a lot of benefits other than looking good. I also feel less tired after I shed 7 kg (15 pounds) in less than two months. I feel GREAT!

Back to Risa, Risa has been sick on and off lately. Mostly mild cold but since she has asthma so it always get worse. No matter how careful I am with cleaning the dust in the house, she keeps getting asthma attacks every month. Maybe it from allergy reaction from something but I haven’t been using any chemicals cleaning stuff at home since she was born. I even made my own fabric softener from vinegar and essential oils. I cleaned the bathroom and house using Dr.Bronner magic soap. We’re using hardwood floor at home so I don’t think her asthma came from the dust.

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July 1, 2013
by Leony
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Took Risa to the nearest mall in town for a weekend. Spent all day long playing there. She even had a nap and while she was napping I took the chance to do some small shopping for myself. It was fun, watching her playing, smiling and laughing was something that makes me feels very happy.

Next weekend she asked to visit the Anpanman Museum. So next weekend my schedule already booked lol.


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