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December 3, 2008
by Leony

Mobileme the worst Apple product

Forgive me I need to get this out of my chest!

I takes ages to import all my files back from iDisk. It’s only 45mb pictures folder for god’s sake and it’s been HOURS! I always had to turn off the Airport connection to stop the loading window.  I am definitely leaving mobileme for good. I have been a good customer for over 5 years and this is what I get. The damn iDisk is freaking SLOW. Mobileme is the worst Apple product ever! 

It doesn’t even allow me to sync my files anymore, too much glitch and problems for $99 USD. The transition from dotmac to mobileme is really a disaster. Heck, even dotmac wasn’t that good either but at least is didn’t give me tons of trouble sync my files. The point is,  I spent $495 USD for 5 years just for what? Only for email address and storing my 45mb pictures with tons of glitch? And now it’s getting far worst than I thought, I can’t get my files back!

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December 1, 2008
by Leony
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iPhone – Yes or No?


To be honest I didn’t plan to get any new phone at the moment, at least not until next year but because I lost my cellphone and I couldn’t freaking find it I thought maybe I could get a new one but this time changing my long time cellphone provider from NTT Docomo to Softbank and get the new iPhone.

After I played with it again for a few minutes or so at the store today, I felt dissapointed, actually it was kind of big disspointment from iPhone.

There are many features from my cellphone that I loved and iPhone doesn’t have them, including the iPhone camera. 

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November 18, 2008
by Leony
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Carrymobile new MBP leather case

I found this nice case for p3 by carrymobile. I’m thinking to get one but I need to read at least one review for the case because $90 is quite expensive. I’m intrigue because the case provide these tiny holes at the bottom which I think it’s a good for the heat. I’m going to brows a little bit more for some reviews. I hope I can find one though.


November 10, 2008
by Leony

My Precious!


I placed my order for the new macbook pro 15 inch 2.53 ghz last week and  finally got it yesterday. I was so worry about the imperfection of my new computer and thank goodness everything looks perfect so far. No dead pixel, scratch or lousy noise. It’s sooo beautiful, this one is my second computer I have ever purchased. I remember I purchased my first computer 5 years ago. My best buddy  G5 first generation and it was awesome but I got one big problem on the memory and Apple couldn’t figure out what was the problem, they almost send me  a new machine for the replacement but lucky to them I was able to figured it out quickly.

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