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Finally lost some weight

Finally lost some weight


I finally lost some weight without doing any exercise or taking diet pills.
I can’t believe that I lost 6.6 pounds in less than a month! All I did was eating less than I used to.

Ever since I started the IVF program about 4 years ago my weight bounce up from 94 pounds to 105 pounds . Then I got pregnant soon after the IVF the program started and I keep gaining weight up to 123 pounds. It was a disaster. But I didn’t really care that much about my weight back then since I was too busy doing my job as a new mother. But now that my little one is in pre-school. I finally have the time for myself. read more

Seasonal skin (43things)

Seasonal skin (43things)

I just realized that I have seasonal skin.

My skin tends to be very dry on winter, and oily on summer, yikes!

On winter I used to wear Hydra Complete

Multi-Level Moisture Creme from Estee Lauder. I didn’t notice that my skin is changing seasonally. I keep using the moisture because I thought I have dry skin type and now its makes my skin so oily and shiny lol.

I had to switch skincare product. For more info about skin care/make up product review visit makeupalley

And by the way, this is a post entry from read more

Leony, your makeup should be Classic

Leony, your makeup should be Classic



From Grace Kelly to Penelope Cruz, classic beauties seem to have a knack for knowing what products to use and what features to enhance when it comes to makeup. And you are no exception.

You may try all the newest, most expensive products on the market, or maybe you are committed to tried-and-true staples that you’ve used for years. Either way, you know how to bring out your best with the materials you have. Your clean, polished look says that you are sophisticated, worldly, and always well prepared for life’s curveballs, even if that includes cleaning a clumpy mascara brush or wiping lipstick from your teeth. Elegance, style, and grace, after all, are never out of fashion. read more

Yay new bag !

Yay new bag !

Yesterday night, when i’m about to get my dinner, the door bell is ringing.

” pin pon”

hubby from the doors phone : ” who is it ? ”

The postman : ” It’s from post office, there’s a packet for Leony Kitamura”

Me, ran and open the door : Ahh thankyou, that is my gift from my online friends Rachel.

I couldn’t resist not to open the packet lol, then i grabbed the scissors and try o open the box. And i found cute black handbag from Rachel !

Owhh I love the bag ! read more