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Gifted People !

Gifted People !

Look around on devianart site. i found this people favorites graphics

The drawing totally amazing !!, I guess there’s soo many gifted and talented people out there .

Thumbs up for this drawing, all of my thumbs either my feet and my hands thumbs LOL.



Thanks to Birdie for invitations. i’ll invite few of my friends soon after i’m able to invite people. 🙂

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Project for Illusion

Project for Illusion

I’m so sorry for my stupid previous rant.

I feel a little bit better now :).

Thanks for all the people who tried to cheers me up, i really appreaciate it.

I felt numb, fragile and lost my appetite..

But i hope it’ll be over soon..

Anywhoo i’m working on Illusion yearbook project to make my self busy.

I’ve instaled B2evolutions for Illusion ., i couldn’t think another simple idea for yearbook .

The yearbook will be place on categories and admins will add each members

Soo members will have their personal database such as small pics of them, their info and their contributions for Illusion. Also they’ll get their own journal, which is they’ll use it for their latest news from each members. Hopefuly B2evolutions will realease the sticky hacks it’ll be usefull alot for us. read more



I’m really- really sad right now….

I’m just looking for friendships by visiting blog and give some comments on their blog…instead of that i got my tears falling down again for the third time today..


To tell the truth actually i cried about 3 times today…

Because it’s not working again…

I don’t think i could do this anymore….

The pain is unbearable… the injections make me sick all the time.

What the hell he want’s me to do this time… read more