Mobileme the worst Apple product

Forgive me I need to get this out of my chest!

I takes ages to import all my files back from iDisk. It’s only 45mb pictures folder for god’s sake and it’s been HOURS! I always had to turn off the Airport connection to stop the loading window.  I am definitely leaving mobileme for good. I have been a good customer for over 5 years and this is what I get. The damn iDisk is freaking SLOW. Mobileme is the worst Apple product ever! 

It doesn’t even allow me to sync my files anymore, too much glitch and problems for $99 USD. The transition from dotmac to mobileme is really a disaster. Heck, even dotmac wasn’t that good either but at least is didn’t give me tons of trouble sync my files. The point is,  I spent $495 USD for 5 years just for what? Only for email address and storing my 45mb pictures with tons of glitch? And now it’s getting far worst than I thought, I can’t get my files back!

Anyway, end of rant.

I need to focus, I still have 45 days to move all my files and backup my emails before my account expire. I have to start looking for mobileme alternative. Although I found many choices but not sure which one I like, yet/

For iDisk alternative : Sugarsync, Funambol,  Bingodisk, dropbox,  AmazonS3, Google service or just rent one server and work it out.

For gallery, Sugarsync, google picasa and flickr works but I have to admit the mobileme gallery looks much better but well it doesn’t matter to me.

Ugh, my head is still aching.  I’ll keep looking until I find the one I like.


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