iPhone – Yes or No?


To be honest I didn’t plan to get any new phone at the moment, at least not until next year but because I lost my cellphone and I couldn’t freaking find it I thought maybe I could get a new one but this time changing my long time cellphone provider from NTT Docomo to Softbank and get the new iPhone.

After I played with it again for a few minutes or so at the store today, I felt dissapointed, actually it was kind of big disspointment from iPhone.

There are many features from my cellphone that I loved and iPhone doesn’t have them, including the iPhone camera. 

Even my two years old cellphone  take a least 3mp picture, but iPhone only 2mp.

Second, it doesn’t have the built-in video/movie record. I believe I’m going to need to install some app for the feature.

Other minus thing would be :


* Softbank limited signal area.  I could use my Docomo cell almost anywhere in Japan even when I’m passing the tunnel on express highway. But NOT with Softbank provider, they still limited to some areas.

*Problem showing emoji on emails but I’m not so sure about that because I didn’t try that today. I only read people reviews about it on internet. 

*Not even sure it has the bar reading feature, which I used a lot in my previous old cellphones.

*Need to get another gear in order to watch TV from iPhone and that’s just sucks because most Japanese cellphone  already has the built-in feature. 

* I need to bring my Passport to get the iPhone, which is surprised me because Docomo only asked for my Alien card identity to purchase their cellphone.

* No wallet feature, which I also used that feature a lot  in my old cellphone.


And I think there are more to mention but they aren’t really necessary to me.


The only features that I love from iPhone is the cheaper full browsing option, except for flash sites and the music storage.

So buying iPhone would save me some extra without getting another gear for music storage. I won’t be needing any iPod/touch if I get the iPhone.

But anyway,  I placed my reservation today but I’m not really sure whether or not I should get the iPhone.

The iPhone will cost me at least $500-700 and I’m not really impressed with it but I need a new freaking cellphone. I better make a wise decision for this.

I also need to consider that I still have my $100 points value on my Docomo provider. If I switch to Softbank I will lose $100  USD points value and spend another $500-700 to get the iPhone with less features but with better/cheaper internet browsing option.

This is tough, but we’ll see tomorrow.


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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