Glmsquad and updates

I’ve been busy working with the community which me and my friend created a week ago. We just want a place for us to hang out, chat and share our passion for beauty. The forum name was one of my friend’s idea

At first, we wanted to use glamsquad instead of glmsquad but we couldn’t get the glamsquad one because it wasn’t available, so instead I came up with the idea by just skip one letter and turned it into one unique domain name. 

The forum only got a couple of active users. I know getting trafficts to site is not easy. I completely aware of that but we’re not really looking for high trafficts, we just need some more members so we can share more informations we have about beauty and all the girls stuff, skincare and health stuff and create more friends. It is not the quantity we look here, it’s a quality of the community we intended to build.  It’s better to be in small community and get to know each other more instead of being in a big community without having the feeling on wanting to know more about the all users because they’re simply just too many. 

I met a couple of good friend in one community I joined, the the community were great back then but not great now I guess.

Hopefully will get more members. It will takes  awhile but it’s worth to try, besides I have my server and I don’t really use it at all, it’s a wasted if I don’t contribute to use it.

Currently there many things I need to finish though:

Moving my old blog and my photography site to this domain, cleaning up the sites, and promote

Ohh so much to want to do! I just wish I don’t have to sleep! lol


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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