Bad news..

The election President of United Stated really gets my intentions since few weeks ago.

I keep watching the news till 3 aclock in the morning lastnight , i’m really curious and excited haha, because i was hopping Kerry will win.

Anyway, i think everything it’s meant to be that way, Lets just hope there will be no war in this earth, it’s enough already seing people dying losing their family and their life. and we’re here just couldn’t do anything to make it change and stop.

I’m curious to see what will happen for the next 4 years ..

I skipped my fasting again today, i got my wisdom teeth grow again and this time realy hurts so bad because it’s rip out my gum 😥

and plus i got my shore throats , i check my throats last night using my tiny flash light and i can see 4 ulcer in my throats left and right side and it extremely painful when i eat or even swallow something. I’m going to the hospitals again tomorrow, it’s getting worse.

Why i always keep getting sick by the end of the years , arghh !

Last night, i thought about my site angels, i think i coulnd’t take care of it anymore. But i still got one year left for domain till it’s expire. I’m thinking about making something useful and maybe gets a little more profit from internet life.

I’m going to make more decent layout and graphics design for my next hosting website, if i don’t have time i will need some of my friends help for this ofcourse i’ll give something in return for that ;), I’m still working on my showcase gallery, and i might going to start selling my best photo for print purchase, i’m going to need some php scripts for this.

And start applying photo contest in Japan, i got soo many great photo in my computer now, i just don’t have time to manage them because i keep getting sick all the time , sigh. And i’m going to get another lens for my camera maybe this new year yippie !

Alright, i’m going to visit my blogging fellow now.


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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