I’m on a roll !

I’m feeling really – really great and in the mood right now. But actually i got cold hahaha.

I skip my fasting today because i can’t take it, my stomach has been aching very bad for the couple of days :(.

I really – really want to go out side to take some shoot but i guess maybe i’ll go out with hubby on a weekend 😕

Anyway I got my other shoot on editor pick again yesterday and today, it’s the sun flower photo i took 2 weeks ago near my house.

You can check the sunflower on Sensitivity 😀

The weather is getting cold here, and i think i’m going to start to change the futton and get the blanket on along with the mofu to make my bed warm. I saw the news everyday about the earthquake that happened at Nigata city, it was awfull and scary. Lots of people lost their home and their family . About 27 people died and 1,500 people injured after three powerful earthquakes of magnitude. It’s pretty strong earth quake and it’s still shaking again till last night. And yesterday they’ve found 2-year-old boy survive after buried about 92 hours by a landslide, his mother and his sister died but he survive it’s a miracle !

It was horrible when i see the news, scary.

And you knwo what, japanese scientist and researcher has informed us that about 30 years later In kochi city there will be a super huge earthqueake ever in Japan maybe in the whole world . which was happened 100 years ago in one of Japan city.

And i think they’re pretty damn sure about that , 30 years i’d be 55 years old, owh i’m old ! lol.

Me and hubby thinking about moving to another island or country hahah, i know we can’t runaway from death but at least we can still try to survive lol.

I guess i’m talking too much, i’m watching Jerry Maguire movie right now while i type this enrty lol.

So right now my brain is working hard to listen and typing this entry haha.

I’m off now.


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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