News from me

Gosh i’ve been neglecting my blog for a while lol.

Im addicted to this new online game haha., i even made my own clothes design !

It’s really fun, next thing to do is to get some land and start build something such as house, store, discotic, mall etc.

The games require 18+ to sign up, no under 18 because there’s lots mature stuff on SL.

Here’s a snapshot of me and my clothes design, i was at Purple Pasion stores.

me on purple pasion stores.

Anyway , i got few birthday gifts already.

Most of them are from my cosmetics and, clothing, bag brand.

I got some 50 % discount from esteelauder and chanel also from emporio armany, towel from Lois Vuiton.

The most wonderful is, free hair cut and treatment on my hair salon , YAY !

My birthday are still 10 days a way but i’ve already got my gifts lol.

Lucky me, there will be another fireworks at Kochi city, right on my birthday !

This month is my special month hehe.

I don’t asked any gifts from hubby, because i’ve already have what i need.

By the way finally i get my new cellphone .

I pick the most latest one from Panasonic Foma.

I pick the champagne gold color one. It has movie record ability for about 40 menutes along with the camera and final fantasy game. I can also do some shopping using my cellphone , shop just pushing the button and the bill will take care by my husband bank LOL. It’s really cool, the design is not from plastic bu it’s from somekind of almunium metalic. Really looks like profesional one.

Japan technology is totally splendid nee !


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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