Stupid Hacker !

Omygosh, Bloomingheart got hacked for the pass few weeks.

I didn’t noticed that, because i’ve been pretty busy with angels, babbles and Illusion.

Last night i found someone name ” Kadal” has changed my admin status become normal user.

And him self as the “Admin God” which is we cannot delete Admin God account from Nuke Panel.

I’m not dummy, i know a little bit about PHP, soon after i found out Blomingheart got hacked i check the Phpmyadmin author / user and delete about 30 members with fake email addres and ofcourse it’s spammer and the hacker people ^bump^. I check all my modules and i found out that they had planted few porn ads on my site, grrrrr !.

That is why i haven’t been able to update my blog for few days, i’m struggling with all these PHP files .

After i’m done with removing all the spammer account and blocked the registrations , banned googlebot from my site lol. I banned googlebot because it’s eating my bandwith !!

Googlebot eat almost 3gb my bandwith ths month, can you believe that !

Edit the robot.txt so they can’t read my site keywords and ofcourse banned their IP from my site


You know what i can’t sleep because of this stupid hacker !

I awake until 6 a clock in the morning and have two hours sleep.

I decided not to continue my sleep because if i do that i won’t be able to get sleep again tonight.

Anyway, i decided not to use Phpnuke anymore, i changed my tool to

Mambo Script and i like it alot better than phpnuke ..duh !

I just import the the 40 user with their valid email address and repost all the article and downloads stuff.

I closed the registrations for temporary until i found the approve registrations modules and activate it.

There’s so many things i have to upload now, but i think i need some rest and warm bath tub.

I wonder why i’ve always got hacked, year a go i got my PC hacked and now my site…sigh.

I’ve never done anything wrong to any people i met from online, but why i keep getting this unlucky stupid hack ugh !

I’m worried with Illusion now, hope it won’t be happening again..

By the way one of my online sister, Birdie has made the cutest adorable css layout !

Come take look , you’ll love it πŸ™‚


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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