I’m back..

I’ve been away from blogging about 2 weeks, yey !

Well i’m almost done with my house , just need to wait for the curtain sets, the house has 9 sets of curtains including the huge and and small one.

I couldn’t find any cute aqua plants yet, but i’ll try to look around on obiyamachi again next week.

My father inlaw hired someone to clean the small front garden. The garden looks so freshie now, but i missed my red and white rosses, they’ve gone because there’s lot’s of ugly bugs from the bonzai plants.

I guess i need to put more flowers, but seemes like i’m not really good on gardening stuff, i’ll just get few flowers and some accesories for gardening.

As for my bedroom, i found another cutest and more cheaper bedding brand

As far i’m in love with these 2 pattern design.

Blue white patternblue creamy pattern

The curtain it’s also sets with the bed cover etc.

I’m just so excited with all this house keeping stuff, makes me feel more coomfortable in my house 😕 .

Anyway I’ve been doing few updates on my Personal Site

Make new pixels skin and adding few contents, fix the gifts pages.

And i got new hostees , Miranda, I’ve seen her tagging along on my other hostees site :D.

Along with Illusion, yesterday i tried to instal the bank hacks, it’s worked but i found another problem on shop, arghh. I tried almost one day to figure out the problems.

But i can’t figure it out, tried to ask on support forums, i got no answer from them ^bump^.

Finally i decided to uninstal the hacks and use the old bank hacks.

But the database table are still exist on server, i’ll try to instal it again when i find out what was the problem.

And by the way

My-Illusion has opened the registrations for new members to join up. ^^.

Last but not forgotten, i’m so sorry for not visiting my babblings fellow blogs, but i’m back now.

I’ll start blogwalking tomorrow.


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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