Back for shortly

Yay finally i’m able to online again 😀
Anyway i’m still working on my treatment and i’m not going to talk about it now.
It’s better that way i guess :).
So what’s the news on the net ? nothing great, my email box full with spammer *sigh*
But not with my mac email addres, hehe, no spammer i wonder why ?.
Maybe spammer hate Mac ?.. hahaha that would be splendid lol.
It’s been a tough and hard days for me…..
But see i’m still here and ALIVE lol.
I spent my days with reading books, play PS 2, FFX-2 international Version + Last Mission and sleep ofcourse :P.
And hey i got great news !, i’m starting to live healthy life by eating breakfast everymorning LOL. Well since i live with my real mother in my 12 i’ve never ate breakfast at all.
Because my mother never cook breakfast for me :(.
But now i started to get something to eat every morning, my favorite one is choco cereal with milk .. qiqiqiq.

I just browsing around and found this from my Friends BB page, it’s Harry Potter name… hehe.
I got two name first is using my hubby name and second one using my real name :D.

My realname : Ophelia Pigwidgeon
Hubby last name : Victoria McGonagall

Mcgonagall ? hahahah, not bad lol.
I like the ophelia one ..hehhe.


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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