Simplify my life..can i ?

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Just a thought, the reason why i use english on my bloggy, it’s because few of my visitor cannot speak indonesian or japanese hahah, so sorry for those who was intrested to read my blog but whe you guys read my poor english on my entry makes you want to click the x button on your right corner windows.

Anyway, ngoceh hari ini i think i’m going to try to learn how to simplify my life, saving my money and do something that makes me happy, do something that makes me relax and enjoy my life.
Maybe i’ m not able to continue my dream college anymore, because of one particular reason, i guess one of you know about this :). But i’ m not gonna stop learning, i love to learn something new and something that’s makes my brain keeps working lol.
I bought lots of books from just to learn something i wanna know. My book shelf full with computer books, psychology, webdesign, fictions and non fictions, dictionaries, books, even Tarot books lol. Not to mention tons of magazine hahaha. But i don’t have comics books on my book shelf, because i don’t really read comics books, but my husband LOVES comics and novel hahah.
He got about 2000 comics and japanese novel on his book shelf lol.

But there’s one thing i need to teach my husband, is how to stop buying those expensive designer cloth. just had no idea how to tecah him, he always linking to those kind of stuff, when it’s come to brand stuff i’ve always told him, buy only the things that you need one and don’t spend your money on those things, instead of buying those expensive cloth why don’t you give me the money and i’ll save it for you bwahahahahahahah 👿 :laugh: :evil:. *sama aja jatohnya*

The point is “stop buying those expensive stuff except computer stuff.
:evil:, and my wedding anniversary present hahahah”
Giliran gue ngomong gitu, di toel pala gue ama naoya wakakakakkakk :laugh:

Udah ah gue kebayakan ngoceh malam ini padahal udah dipangil2 suruh tidur, gue masih keletak, keletek keletok ketik entry hahahha.
Ngocehnya lajut besok aja lagi..
Oyasumiiii.. :sleeping:

:kiss: ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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