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Today is really cold *shiver*
I made few wallpaper from my latest design 🙂
But i didn’t upload the files yet :P. I’ going to make more tutorials about graphics stuff etc.
Last night hubby’s home late, about 4 o clock in the morning, yeah right about sahoor time :D. We ate sahoor and off to bed after he get shower:
He was working on The ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) elections, that is why he’s home late last night, i don’t care about the elections, i just want my hubby’s home early everyday :(.
Recently, he always home at 9 or 10pm, he just so busy, and here iam stumbled everyday in front of computer trying to kill the boredomess 😀 👿 :D.

Anyway i just read an article about The cat fight between celebrities bwahahahah :laugh:
I found this news on my browser homepage.
It’s about Britney is complaining why peoples criticizes her clothing and behavior instead of Christina Aguilera’s and Beyonce’s. And Beyonce pointed out to Madonna-Britney and Christina about the MTV awards show kiss fest lol.
There’s also and Christina pointed out to Pink and Madonna with Jlo.. hahaha lol.

My top 5 movies to watch !

  1. The Texas Chainsaw MassacreClick here for the trailer
  2. Monalisa Smile *Julia Roberts yeay*Click here for the trailer
  3. Matrix RevolutionsClick here for the trailer
  4. The Butterfly effect *Ashton K*Click here for the trailer
  5. Alien VS Predator *release on august 2004Click here for the trailer


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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