Busy week

Finally i’m able to update my bloggy :plain:.
I was so friggin busy, with the house wife stuff, puppies master *glomp*, and webmiss hihihihi :hehe:
Anyway my new layout almost done, i only need to fix all the styles and tables and update more content such as affiliates page, the button wall etc.
You might find some of the icon or the styles changed heheh :P.
Well i’m not sure yet when i will change my new layout because in two days i will get my 2Gh G5 yeay :sing:. So i will edit the css in two ways *bump*. :wacko:
Tomorrow im going to clean my messy desk hehhee, ummm it will be 2 machine.
PC and MAC hahah *zeitaku da*
The G5 in the center and pc on the left side and MAC studio display on the right side.
Uhh ohh where i’m going to put the Kardon Harman speaker :confused: *panci speaker lol.*
Nah i’ll figure it out tomorrow ;).

ps. Otty i’ll make something for you soon after i’m done with my work hehe :angel:

:kiss: Rachel, Dhika, Brandy, Otty. Jackie, Phoebs.

What’s YOUR Style?

You are FRESH! Your style never gets old, and is always constantly new, exciting, and overall awesome. You’re most likely to be the trendsetter of your school, and are always on the look out for what’s cool. YOU know what’s going on, even if others don’t. It’s your job to bring in the next biggest fashion.

Quiz by Sarah Chow


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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