I’m still working on my new layout.
Trying to make more creative layout heheh :hehe:.
I got new affiliates www.purinsesu.net. I will update it on next upcoming new layout :angel:
Anyway i can’t wait to see my hostees site heheh 😀
Rachel and dhika gambate neee hahaha :laugh:.

And owh i forgot to introduce Chantie hihihi :laugh:
Okay here’s Chantie and Maxie

{{popup maxieandchantie.jpg maxieandchantie 400×298}}maxieandchantie (127k image)

:kiss: Rachel, Dhika, Brandy.


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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