Happy :sing:

Finally i have chance to update my journal..heh 😛
I’ve been a little bit busy with the family, and i got my niece and my nephew stay for a week at my house. So i only had chance to take a peek and reply some post on my fave board. :wub:

I wanna thankyou to those who’s tagging, email, and comment happy birthday to me on my journal, tagger, my illusions, my roxydoll, my indoharry potter board and my email friends.
And i got loads of gift from my imaginary friends, love you all :wub: :kiss:.
Take a peek at my birthday gift page :angel:
All of the gift are lovely and wonderful, thankyou so much girls :D.
You all made my birthday this years more special than other birthday i’ve ever had.
You know even if its only an online gift, believe me it’s means a lot to me :happyyes:.

I got a bucket of white roseflower with violet and pink lily on it. It’s beautiful and smell so lovely :wub:
I slept whole day, and in the afternoon, i leave maxie to the pet hotel with his lil fellow and flew to downtown of kochi city.
I stopped by at Louis Vuiton store. My husband had few words with the the staff and the he came to me with this one big Louis Vuiton paper bag, and he he kissed me on the forehead and say “Happy Birthday Leony, i bought something for you, you may open it if you can’t wait”. Ofcourse i can’t wait :laugh: soon as we got on the car i grabbed the the two box inside the paperbag and open it, and ta raaa..it’s cute little bag Louis Vuiton Mini Speedy multycolor and the matching color scarf….. :angel:
Oh well i end up wearing both of it to watch the fireworks with him.. hahaha :laugh:

I took bunch of pictures and movie from the fireworks, i’ll upload the pic on the next update 🙂
Once again thanks to everyone for making my day more lovely than ever :sing:

ps. i’m sorry guys i might not be able to take a peek at your journal now. I’ll visit tomorrow or the day after tomorrow :P.


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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