You see the girl with the pink wings in the head of this page.

She had something to tell the world…

That she’s been through alots of pain and suffered in her whole life.

She confess that she was born without a happy family.

She confess that her real father dumped her since she 9 month baby…

She confess that her mother abandoned her since she was born.

She confess that she’s been raped by her uncle and by her neighbor when she was elementary 2. And nobody’s know that except one person..who she trusted one.

She confess that she almost died one times because of illness when she was elementary 1, and her mother didnt even visit her at the hospitals.

She confess that she hates her step father as much ass he hates her life.

She confess that her step father came to her room everynight and touched her body while she’s sleeping. And all she can do is cry in her heart because she can’t do nothing, she still junior high school, and he feed and fee her life at that time.

She confess that her step father almost raped her.

She confess that her step father almost sold her to his friends.

She confess that her mother hates her because she think that her daughter is trying to still her husband when that girl tried to tell her that her husband being asshole with her daughter.

She confess that she commit suicide 3 times by taking a bottle of sleeping pills but she’s still alife until this moment.

She confess that that she’d run away from home few years ago because of her fucking horrible life.

She confess that she almost died because of electric shots when she was high school.

She confess that she now sending her moms money everymonth 400 dolars.

She confess that even though she had through loads of suffered and pain, but she still strong.

And she didnt even fell to drugs life.

Last she confess that she’ll be 24 in her next month birthday.

And there still few things that she can’t tell…..

That is why she can’t see and think that the world is too beautiful to cry off !!!.

So what do guys/ girl thing about her life…

That girl in the head of this page, that’s her…that’s her who suffered..a loads of pain in her whole life.

That girl who always wanna have wings to fly so he can be free form her horrible nightmar of life.

That girl who tried to forget her past life but he can’t do it…

Tha girl who still believe in GOD even though GOD gave her loads of horrible things to face off in her life.



You know her grandpa from her mother was an arabian, her grandma from her mother is chinesse.

Her grandpa from her father is indonesia half dutch. Her grandma from her father is spanish.

She’s moslem girl, she always prayed 5 times a day and read Quran out loud everyday until junior highschool.

But since then she stopped, because she can’t take it anymore.

Now she’s married to japanese guy about 2 years , she brought her husband to the moslem world,

her husband followed her became a japanese moslem because her husband loves her so much.

She even teached her husband how to pray and she teach everythings about moslem rules

She thinks nobody can ever loved her as much as her husband loves her.

And she loves her husband so much because of that.

She just want her happy life god damnit :frustration: :frustration: :frustration:

To all of her friends…

“Do you still wanna be her friends..since you know her horrible past life.. ?”

Let her know…


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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