I just wake up…and the phone ringing.
I thought it’s must be the sales people, or books from amazon..or her.
Yes it’s her’s my friends..the one who hurt me..before.
Well..actually i didn’t really know anything about her. She knows about me from a friend mine,
And not that closed friends either.When i pick up the phone and say
“Ha’i” …it’s mean yes. And soon as i recognize her voice, i know it’s her..i just hung up the phone like nothing’s happened and go back to repair my bitchy yahoo messanger.
I knew it..i shouldn’t pick up the phone……
We became friends just because she needs my help to translate some indonesians marriage document to japanesse language. And..sometimes i just think she only called me when she needs my help or just making me upset. Well i do really hate with those kind of people, who only call their friends only when they need her/him
Then one day..we talked on the phone..and you know i always give her support…advice and anything.
I even ordered her us magazine, because she can’t read japanese magazine.
I always give her or offer my help or anything….but i think i didnt get that from her.
It’s just everywords she said to me..just making me upset. I don’t know maybe i’m too sensitive or too fragile or something. There’s one words which made me so angry.., she said something about my husband. Yeah i know maybe my husband unable to have a child.
And i had enough with that..but why she have to said that to me *sigh*
I always try to be nice with her but why..she have to say that words to me.
She’s have her first baby now..even we stop communicating, i still remember that she’ll delivered her baby on march. I know i just hope that both of them, baby and the mother are alright.
Talk about baby i’m over with that now…*sigh*
I guess we all have to be more cautious in a matter of friendships, And don’t forget about take and give….because it’s really important in all kind of relationships.
Anyway today is very sunny..good weather…i think i’m going out for cyling :smiletongue:


I have so many interest that I can hardly list them :p Outgoing, loving and love shopping especially sales month. I like summer and love Autumn so much.

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